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Winning Him Without Words by Lynn Donovan & Dineen Miller

This week, the
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Winning Him Without Words
Regal (February 15, 2011)
Lynn Donovan & Dineen Miller


Lynn Donovan
Verse: John 15:5 Apart from Me you can do nothing.
Tagline: Challenging Women to Live in Truth

A passionate writer and speaker, Lynn is a woman who presents a compelling message to encourage women to thrive in their marriage. She speaks at events nationwide where she challenges the myths women believe about love, pointing them to life-changing freedom through a relationship with Jesus. She reveals the zany yet meaningful stories of marriage challenges, truths, and triumphs in her life and invites women to share her view from her front row seat to an amazing journey; life lived for Christ.

Married since 1992 to her best friend and biggest enthusiast, Mike, she lives in Temecula, California. They have a son and a daughter and a wacky dog named Peanut. She loves to laugh, enjoys a strong cup of coffee and Fantasy Football and not necessarily in that order.

She lives each day in awe of the grace of God in her ordinary life.

Dineen Miller
Verse: Romans 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.
Tagline: Igniting the Soul

Dineen readily admits that one of the greatest lessons she’s learning about life is that there’s purpose in our trials. And it’s all about trusting God and putting our hope in Him. Her favorite stories will always be of the miracles God has wrought in the lives of her family.

Through this lens she also believes her years as a youth counselor, a Stephen Minister, a women’s ministry leader, and a small group leader have prepared her for God’s calling on her life—to write for and speak to those in mismatched marriages like hers.

In addition to writing for Spiritually Unequal Marriage, Dineen writes for Laced with Grace and various other fiction online magazines and newsletters. She’s also won several prestigious awards for her fiction, and her devotional writing has been featured in Our Journey and Christian Women Online Magazine.

Married for 23 years to a guy who keeps her young, she lives in the Bay Area with her husband, two precious daughters, and their dog Shasta, who no doubt is an angel in disguise.


Week after week, they sit in church . . . alone. They are the spiritually mismatched, those who are committed to a spouse who does not share their faith. Feeling abandoned by their spouse and forgotten by their church, they live out their faith in survival mode, guarding the spiritual flame yet never feeling free to share it. But God wants them to thrive—not just survive.

Winning Him Without Words presents 10 Christ centered keys to thriving in a spiritual mismatch. Readers are encouraged to commit to Christian community, to release their spouse to God’s capable hands, to find peace in their relationships with Christ and with their spouse, to continue their pursuit of a growing faith and to love their spouse with fresh enthusiasm. God wants every marriage to exude peace and love, and Winning Him Without Words empowers readers to create that environment in their homes and thrive as God works.

Watch their book video:

If you would like to read a sample chapter of Winning Him Without Words, go HERE.

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Heart2Heart said...

My Review is up and posted. What a great resource!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Olivia Villa-Real said...

This sounds like an amazing book.

"A night, no matter how dark and long, will always end with the beginning of a new day."

Deanna said...

Posted with review. Buying copies for our pastors to have in their libraries.

Olivia Villa-Real said...

Kat, I just read your review at (For some reason, I can't get my comment to post on your blog, so I'm commenting here.)

I'm very interested in this book. After experiencing some heartbreaking events, I wrote a novel about relationship issues that cause despair and a sense of open-ended struggle that seems to offer no resolution. My characters find their way through faith. My intent was to show there is hope, even in the most difficult and seemingly impossible situations. That the power of true love and the tenacity of hope prevail, no matter how bleak the situation, is something we should always remember.

The comment, "there's purpose in our trials," in the author's bio for this review reminds me of these issues. And I'm very happy to see a nonfiction version of how to get through this kind of thing. Sometimes we need to lose ourselves and our problems in a novel; sometimes we need more direct advice.

Jim Thompson said...

Rel said...

Posted with review :)

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Scheduled for tomorrow morning!

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Scheduled for Wednesday (6/22)

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Posted mine last night and forgot to put a link here until this morning.

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