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The Judas Ride by Peggy Sue Yarber

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The Judas Ride

Tate Publishing (December 8, 2009)


Peggy Sue Yarber


Peggy Sue Yarber, PhD in psychology, lives in central California with her husband, two daughters, six turtles and two dogs. She works in the field of education.

The Judas Ride was inspired by her current and previous students. She has seen and experienced and seen similarities between the students and Jesus’ traitor, Judas Iscariot. She has always been fascinated with Judas. Yarber went to a catholic school when she was young and Judas was always portrayed like a mysterious rebel.

She ventures to say, “I guess he was my James Dean of the Bible. But in a good way! In the way that…he did something so wrong so that the entire world could be saved. He had to betray Jesus in order for the rest of the story. I have always wondered what it would be like to not do that one bad thing that would lead to that one great thing. So I had the Vader character sort of run through the paces of Judas.”

Redemption and reality are the two distinguishing features about Yarber’s writing. Not all teens find redemption in The Judas Ride. Yarber considered trying to show the negative outcomes as much as the positive. She wasn’t thinking in terms of positive and negative but she did try to balance the two sides. Yarber says she often sees people daily that , “…have even more screwed up lives than these characters.” Yarber admits sometimes there is not an ending to the madness unless someone dies and then even after the death the ripples still linger. She has written another novel TARE and a children’s book Rocketships to Heaven and the SOS Fuel Station. She loves to run, read, shoot guns and watch her daughters play soccer.


An unwed (and unwanted) teen pregnancy with two possible fathers. Abusive relationships. Drug and alcohol addiction. Rape and molestation. The struggle to understand grace, forgiveness, and free will versus predestination. The Judas Ride hits the road running in the opening pages, where Sonia and Xavier argue explosively about whether Sonia should have their unborn child and about who the father is: Xavier, a struggling Christian, or Vader, an abusive and abused drug dealer. As the pages turn, readers continue to meet a hodgepodge of troubled teens and eclectic characters, including Pastor Manny, a quirky immigrant pastor infatuated with John Wayne. Pastor Manny desires to help the tortured souls in his community but finds that it takes more than unconditional love to reach them. Secrets literally kill in The Judas Ride, an edgy, in-your-your face Christian novel that boldly explores the struggles of modern-day young people.

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Tarasview said...

I have a post with short review scheduled. I must say that I REALLY did NOT enjoy this book and actually never got past the first 3 chapters. I don't usually post negative reviews if I can help it... but it needed to be said.

April Erwin said...

Mine goes up at midnight.

Michelle Sutton said...

I read this book from cover to cover and truly suffered the whole time. I just couldn't believe how BAD it was. I wasn't nicey nicey in my review and just said what I thought. The author needs writing classes to learn how to write believable dialog, not head hop, and to study characterization as her characters were very inconsistent in many ways... I love edgy fiction, but this book was downright tacky and uncouth not to mention other things. I also saw no redemptive value in the story. It was very dark.

Kim said...

I'm up with brief comments. This was a profane book with no redeeming qualities.

Window To My World

Deanna said...

My review will post tonight. There are not many books that I recommend my blog readers NOT read, but this is one of them.

Jim Thompson said...

My cut-n-paste is posted.

Just a brief comment to Bro. Dunigan on his post: I'm glad you tried to convey what is in your heart. As I lack your perspective by twenty years, I can't be sure I got your point. My experience tells me that few people "get it" when we try to express our inner thoughts and attitudes. It's not that they are any less aware or intuitive than we are, but that they don't share our baggage, and thus, have a different perspective. That's where communication comes in; written or spoken.

Language is a fickle lover. If we hope to truly communicate, we must treat it with the utmost care, weighing out words like diamonds, lest it betray us.

Janna said...

Posted with my review. I tried to be nice, it just wasn't possible.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Hi one will ever see Mr. Dunigan's point of view on Christianity because I deleted it. This blog is only for our reviewers to comment, and not the general public :-)

Rulan said...

Mine is up.

Sean said...

Posted. Did not recommend. I'm yet to have a good reading experience with a self-published book.

Pam at Daysong Reflections said...

Posted with a short review. Not a good experience.

Illuminating Fiction said...

Posted - with regret. I couldn't make it past chapter two. I tried - really I did.

Lynetta said...

If you made it through the first chapter, you got farther than I did. There really was no way to be nice. Rarely do I not recommend a book, but this one shouldn't have even been accepted by a self-pub outfit. Yikes! (And what a shame that these people took this gullible woman's money...they're as low as cow dung and those 150% interest-check-cashing places.)

Cheryl Klarich said...

I feel guilty that I requested this book. Can I send it back?I can't bring myself to read it and don't want to post anything on my blog... Tell me what to do...

Gretchen Geyer said...

Ditto with Sean. My blog and review is scheduled to post in the morning!

karen_m said...

Posted, though I really didn't want to support this book. It's just bad fiction, plain and

MoziEsmé said...


I somehow misplaced the book after doing a skim and reading the first chapter. I did comment on the part I read.