Tuesday, November 03, 2009

One Fine Season by Michael Sheehan

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One Fine Season

AuthorHouse (November 25, 2008)


Michael Sheehan


Michael Sheehan is CEO and founder of BioResource, a company that distributes natural remedies including the popular INFLAMYAR ointment for sports injuries. He wrote One Fine Season to honor the memories of two childhood friends who died young, before they could realize their dreams.

One Fine Season is true to life. It draws on Sheehan’s religious education at a Catholic seminary and his experience as a high school baseball and collegiate soccer player. A graduate of Santa Clara University, Sheehan also earned a master’s degree in science journalism from Boston University. He lives in Northern California.


ONE FINE SEASON tells the story of a promising young athlete who must rise from the ashes of devastating personal loss to fulfill a pact made years earlier with his best friend.

Best friends Pete O’Brien and Danny Grace are gifted college athletes, both hoping for careers as professional baseball players. When tragedy strikes, Danny struggles to cope with his overwhelming grief and fulfill a pact the young men made years earlier: to play in the World Series.

Events unexpectedly thrust Danny into the spotlight with the new expansion team in Sacramento. Three guides – an aging catcher, spiritual centerfielder and wise manager – plus a beautiful woman lead him on a healing journey, revealing that even death cannot break the bonds of true friendship. 

If you would like to read an excerpt from the first chapter of One Fine Season, go HERE

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Ernie W. said...

Post is up; early.

Rulan said...

Mine are posted.

L. Diane Wolfe said...


Nora said...

Posted review to follow

Nora :D
Finding Hope Through Fiction

Gretchen Geyer said...


Jasmine said...

Posted! No book yet!

Brittanie said...


Pam at Daysong Reflections said...

Posted at http://www.daysongreflections.com/?p=3241

Mocha with Linda said...

Mine will post overnight with a review.

It is a bit troubling to me that folks are posting without any caveats. I found this book to be at odds with Biblical truth & I cannot recommend it.

Kim said...

I'm up.


Jenny said...

Very disappointed in this one...didn't even finish it.


Jim Thompson said...

Whew! I made the mistake of requesting books on subsequent blog campaigns. But my voice held up--strictly a God-thing--long enough to complete them. One Fine Season is now posted.

Jason said...

Posted the CFBA blurb.

Sally Bradley said...

Posted with a review.


Sean said...

Posted. One of the few times I haven't recommended the book.

cmwheeler said...

posted earlier... forget to link up, though! Sorry 'bout that.

Tina @ O'Joy of my life...


Hisart777 said...


Janna said...

I just posted with a review - mine included a couple warning labels, but overall I enjoyed the book. Anytime I agree to review a book I finish it. Period. I don't think I can give an honest review if I don't.

kc said...

I rarely participate in the CFBA tour anymore, but I do keep up with which books are featured and I visit random blogs.

I wonder, Bonnie, why this latest book was featured. So many people have given bad reviews. And it's self-published. Since when are self-published books allowed on the tour? And why this one?

Michelle Sutton said...

I don't remember getting an email about this tour. Sorry! I may have accidentally deleted it. It's up now.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Sorry kc I didn't see your question before this or I would have answered you them.

Self published books have been allowed on the tour for the last year.

If you are part of the the publishing community you will see that numerous Christian publishers including Thomas Nelson, Bethany Press, nad now Harlequin all have self-publishing arms. That is the wave of the future. And there are several other publishers that will announce their self-publishing ventures in the coming months.

As long as a book has a Christian world view, it is eligible. To each his own on what he or she thinks is acceptable in Christianity.

And actually this book was recommended by someone in our group.