Friday, August 22, 2008

Interview on BlogTalkRadio with Takiela Bynum

by Bonnie Calhoun

Hi guys and gals! LAst night I did a radio interview with our own Takiela Bynum, over on BLogTalkRadio, where she has L.A.W. Inspiration Station. We talked about CFBA, and CFOM.

If you would like to hear the interview, click HERE.

The program is an hour long, and my interview starts about 25 or 26 minutes into it!


Deborah said...

great interview bonnie! i learned a lot. looking forward to all those upcoming tours for next year!

storyline said...

Great, Bonnie. Yes, God is leading and expanding. Your non-fiction books sounds great. We have been working so much with fiction, I have started to wonder about where the non-fiction can fit into the internet too.

Ausjenny said...

cool interview