Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sept 13th thru 15th - Squat by Taylor Field

It's almost time for our blog tour for the book Squat. The tour will be next week, Sept. 13th thru 15th. You can post a review any one of those days, or you can just put up the Amazon links. We will have a review up on the CFBA blog, if you want to copy and paste that!

The necessary links to have on your blog are these two:

The Squat website: http://squatbook.wordpress.com

And the Amazon link for the book Squat:


Remember, copy the book link just as shown. If you put it in your browser and click, it will take you to the book, but the link address changes to the book product number. We don't want that, we want this # which is the ISBN.

If you would like to interview Taylor Field, contact Andrea Irwin at:


Kevin Lucia said...

My interview with Taylor Field is here, my review is here, and here's Chapter One.

Vicki McCollum said...

You can read my review of Squat at The Savvy Christian Writer http://www.vickitalleymccollum.blogspot.com
Thanks, Vicki

Tricia Goyer said...

You can read my comments of Squat at It's Real Life www.triciagoyer.blogspot.com


Cheryl Russell said...

My review is up at www.unseenworlds.blogspot.com


Cheryl Russell said...

I've also posted the CFBA review at www.faceoutbooksteens.blogspot.com

Kelly Klepfer said...

I haven't read Squat - but I posted the links.